Cretan Cuisine Cooking Lessons

Gourmets, lovers of Cretan cuisine and friends of good cooking – get to know the Cretan cuisine in our special collaboration with one of the leading local restaurants that promotes the world-famous Cretan diet.


Every year we offer our guests the opportunity to gain experience about the Cretan cuisine. What ingredients are used and how they are prepared in the traditional way to produce the kind of dishes that are famous for their nutritional properties and taste around the world.


Enhance your vacation by Deeping deeper into the culture of Crete.


Phaistos villas has a collaboration with the top-rated family restaurant, Vegera, at Zaros. There, Vivi and her crew will initiate you into the secrets of Cretan cuisine, the epicenter of the Mediterranean diet. You will be fully involved in the preparation of many starters and famous main dishes. Then you will enjoy the dinner about which you will know all the secrets of its preparation.


If you are interested in sharing this experience please let us know in advance so that we can make the reservations on your behalf.

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