Hiking in South Crete

Walk the land. Feel the terrain. Discover the local nature, see the wildflowers and learn to recognise the world-famous Cretan herbs.


Pompia village, Villa Belladonna is located may be famous for its proximity to many golden sand beaches but few people know that it is also close to the highest mountain of Crete, Psiloritis, with the highest peak, Holy Cross at 2456m.


This mountainous region which lies north of Pompia that the ancient Minoans considered it as sacred, will offer an amazing experience to those who will try to know it better. Impressive landscapes of wild beauty, deep caves, karstic formations, deep gorges, small plateaus, pine and oak woods, villages at the end of the cliff, bare alpine zones constitute the scenery of this unique mountain.


Villa Belladonna is happy to announce its cooperation with a professional hiking company based just a 15 minutes’ drive away from the villa. Whether you are interested in short family walks to get to know better the area you are spending your vacation or longer walks with your friends to explore the beauty of this mountain region, the professional guides of our partners, Στην Ύπαιθρο/Outdoors (Wanderausfluege), will help you organise it and walk you around.


Στην Ύπαιθρο/Outdoors (Wanderausfluege), will pick you up (up to 14 people max) at Villa Belladonna, drive you to the starting point of the excursion and return you safely at the end of an incredible hiking experience.


Hiking routes for kids over 10 years old are also available.

If interested, please let us know as soon as possible because demand for these excursions is relatively high especially during the summer season.

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